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We offer one stop EC support service from a shop management to a product delivery. 
We can also partially offer some services per request from our clients.

1. Analysis Preliminary

- Product research in marketplace
- Competitor Analysis
- Price Comparison
- Reseller Analysis

2. Strategy Creation

We develop strategies based on our preliminary analysis and we create online sales strategies to expand the market and increase total sales.

3. Content Production

Make detail product content production starting from creating beautiful product image, product description, product title, and product keyword.

4. Storefront Operation

We operate the store and we also open an official account in every possible marketplace.

5. Sales Data Analysis

We compile and analyze monthly sales data based on PDCA cycle to improve your next sales strategy.

6. Improve Sales with B2C

We can sell your product with our B2C storefront channels in every marketplace in Indonesia.

7. Inventory and Logistics

We are partnered with trusted 3PL Warehouse and trusted logistic companies in Indonesia.

8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We manage your customer data and create campaign or marketing content to maintain your loyal or repeat customers.

9. Monthly Report

We provide you monthly sales report from multiple aspects, such as by keyword, product, and marketplace.

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