Your E-Commerce Partner in Indonesia and Around the Globe


Providing the functions needed for E-Commerce business at one-stop in Indonesia’s market including marketplace setup, marketing, fulfillment and logistics.

Transcosmos commerce
Optimizing Online Business
With Customer Insight
Optimizing Online Business
With Customer Insight
Improve your online store
IMPROVE YOUr online sales
Understand your online business
in-depth at maximum level
Understand your online business
in-depth at maximum level
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How we can help you?

We are a One-Stop E-Commerce Center.

All operational functions regarding e-Commerce are centralized in one facility.

Storefront Setup

We setup all of your online store channel from any marketplace and e-commerce channel in Indonesia

Storefront Operations

Leave the daily operational store to us. We handle your sales activity, content production and sales analysis just for you.

Promotion on Marketplace

Monitoring and set promotion to every Marketplace channel is one of our expertise.

Fulfillment and Logistics

We handling your product fulfillment and dealing with shipment logistics for you.

Our Clients



Osada was born in Oita, Japan, in 1970 and graduated from Keio University with a degree in economics. He is an experienced PMIer and turn arounder specializing in the e-commerce and online marketing fields. Osada was COO at Linkshare Japan, (Th), and (Vn) and led each to profitability during his tenure. His backbone skill and experience involve product management, project management, and integration (six years each at Microsoft and Rakuten).

Why choose us?

We manage your brand with sales KPIs that directly connected to increasing your sales GMV.

Not only for a good sales, but our strategies are also focus on making your brand always sustainable in the market.

We belief in PDCA / the repetitive approach helps us find and test solutions and improve them through a waste-reducing cycle. The PDCA cycle includes a mandatory commitment to continuous improvement and it can have a positive impact on productivity and efficiency.

To maintain your brand we offer you sales channel expansion to every marketplaces and e-commerce channels in Indonesia.

We have dedicated professionals that will always improve and analyze your brand performance.

Got any question for us?

Don't hesitate to call us for your consultation on work hour.